Nanotechnology applied to improve quality of life.

“Our main objective is to promote and promote industrial developments that incorporate technological advances offered by Nanotechnology.”

Gustavo Fandiño


Founded in 2006, Nanotek was established with the goal of collaborating with various manufacturing industries to help them develop new market segments. It achieves this by using its own nanotechnological developments, which it has refined to innovate in the creation of cutting-edge products in its sector.


Nanotechnology presents itself as an alternative to incorporate significant added value to existing products and processes, as well as to create new ones with innovative features. Nanotek’s objective is to assist its clients in developing new market segments for their products through the use of Nanotechnology.

In 2022, as part of a strategic expansion plan, the company established a new production facility in Paraguay.

Nanotek is dedicated to supporting disruptive companies in challenging the existing status quo as they strive for something different, something better that will shake up their competitors.


The company’s strategy is based on three pillars: thinking differently, generating knowledge, caring for the environment.

We think differently by looking at problems from outside the current paradigm, which is the only way to do different things to make them better. We generate knowledge synergistically through permanent interaction between the company and scientific and technical organizations. We take care of the environment by applying the principles of ecology to avoid the negative impacts of new materials on the environment.

Supported by this strategy, the core of our business is to use our experience to design processes and products whose differentiation and added value are based on the application of cutting-edge knowledge on nanoscience. In other words, our product is innovation.