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About us

Founded in 2006, Nanotek was born as a young Argentine private equity company.

It produces and markets functionalized metal nanoparticles and offers this nanotechnological know-how aimed at providing innovative solutions.

These solutions are adapted and personalized for different products, processes and markets, using the development and transfer of technology as a fundamental tool to improve efficiency, competitiveness and quality of life.


We manipulate materials and take them to the nano scale. At this scale, materials acquire new properties, or those that already existed are greatly improved due to the greater reactivity of these particles.

The key then comes with the development of applications for products and market processes.

This is a great differential of our company due to the already wide range of applications available.

We work mainly through JV’s (Joint Ventures) with companies.

Our continuous research and development of nano materials and processes has led to their incorporation in 4 main areas:

A) Antimicrobial products

The concept of total asepsis has been present in the development of this range of products, and with the covid-19 pandemic, demand skyrocketed in the markets where we were already present.

These products have applications in the health, hygiene and home sectors. The products of this area on the market are:

  • Textiles (both washable and not) for clothing, bedding, pet beds, dressings and bandages, wet wipes, etc.
  • Paints and coatings of different types.
  • Sanitary products such as hand sanitizers (long-lasting) and soaps.
  • Plastic masterbatches (pellets used as raw material for plastic products) for nonwoven textiles such as masks, other medical garments, packaging, etc.
  • Cardboard boxes to extend the shelf life of fresh produce and flowers.

B) Sustainable construction

Our developments see us focused on two areas:

  • Construction and improvement of roads, allowing the use of native soil and less use of cement. Four products have been developed:
    • Soil stabilizer
    • Dust suppressor
    • Concrete curator
    • Sand solidifier
  • Ecological bricks that use a similar technological base. These bricks do not need firing (so no firewood or other fuel sources are burned). They can also be manufactured in remote areas, which means that it is especially good for areas that are difficult to access or where there is a shortage of resources.

C) Environmental remediation

These were the initial steps for the company. Composed of two processes:

  • ChlorOff - Targets POPs (persistent organic pollutants) such as PCBs in solid matrices.
  • NanoCatox: its objective is the remediation of soils and groundwater affected by organic pollutants such as hydrocarbons, chlorinated products, etc.
These processes are suitable for on-site repair. A third process has been developed up to the TRL4 stage:
  • Aimed at MFTs (Fine Tailings of industrial activity), its objective is to accelerate sedimentation in tailings ponds resulting from the extraction of sandy oil and other heavy industrial activities.

D) Research and development services

We partner with companies that seek constant innovation and that try to go one step further for their customers.

Our goal is to challenge traditional ways in the search for improvements that positively impact people's quality of life.

Contact Us

Dardo Rocha 78, B1641DAH, San Isidro

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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