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Nanotek is an organization that was created as an alternative to add value to existing processes and products, as well as to create new ones, incorporating innovative features, to improve the quality of life.

Our main objective is to promote and promote industrial developments that incorporate technological advances offered by Nanotechnology.

Nanotek establishes, develops and maintains a customer-centric quality management system and framework for establishing our quality objectives.

Committing ourselves to the requirements of the requested developments, the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the Continuous Improvement of the effectiveness of products, services and processes.

The Management undertakes to implement and maintain this Quality policy, based on our purpose and context of our organization, as well as our Strategic Management.

Our goal is to provide all the necessary resources ensuring that all personnel know and work in accordance with the established standards, quality objectives and the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

This Directorate is responsible through its leadership that this policy is available and is communicated, understood and applied in all places of this organization, as well as to the relevant interested parties.

This Directorate ensures the permanent adequacy of the qualification, the awareness, as well as the determination of the necessary knowledge for the development of its processes and the conformity of the services.

We have determined the necessary competence of the people who perform under our control, the work that affects the effectiveness of our quality management system, as well as the continuous training based on the necessary education, training or experience.

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