Nanotechnology applied to improve quality of life.

Textile industry

Everyday Use

At Nanotek we provide the technology to make everyday products safer, antibacterial, with the effectiveness required by high international standards.

By incorporating Nanotek Nanotechnology into your products, you will be able to position yourself as a reference in the textile industries.

We accompany you throughout the development.


Nanotechnology treatment of everyday products, such as pillows, wet wipes, pet products, clothing, plastics, etc.

Products with Nanotechnology


Anti-scratch Wipes have nano zinc oxide that creates a protective layer on your baby’s skin that prevents possible irritation, rashes and dermatitis, and helps heal the skin.

Made with special ultra-resistant fabrics to improve moisturization and absorption.

Developed by Q-Soft with Nanotek Technology.


Anti-odor mattress
The incorporated Nanotechnology provides antimicrobial properties responsible for eliminating fungi, viruses and bacteria throughout the useful life of the product.

The reduction of microorganisms present in the mattress fabric is achieved, improving the health conditions of pets and eliminating unwanted odors in mattresses.


Socks for general use, or for sports use, that fight the bacteria that generate bad foot odor. Odor that then persists in the footwear.

Pillows and Mattresses

The AG+ line has silver nanoparticles inside that release silver ions.

The release of silver ions eliminates and prevents the development of fungi, viruses and bacteria.

  • Anti-mite
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial

Nube joins Nanotek to exceed all expectations when it comes to rest.


A pillow that inhibits the development of particles that are harmful to our body brings great benefits to our health in general, such as, for example, the elimination of microorganisms responsible for respiratory congestion and allergies, achieving a restful rest.


AG+ takes care of you while you sleep.
Just because they are microorganisms that we cannot see does not mean that they do not exist. Choosing the AG+ pillow treated with nano silver will offer them the best care they need.


The first alternative to protect the members of our family from diseases will be to offer them a space in hygienic and asepsis conditions.
A pillow that prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria will have our families protected.


A core of soft virgin fibers will be the perfect texture for falling asleep and a cover with nanotechnology will keep our family healthy.
The AG+ pillow will make your sleep a restful preparation.


Nanotechnology treatment of everyday products, such as pillows, wet wipes, pet products, clothing, plastics, etc.