Nanotechnology applied to improve quality of life.


Our applications focus on two segments:

Both segments share the advantage of reducing cement usage and allowing the use of native soil, reducing the environmental impact of construction.

We have developed our own finished products that include our additives as the main differentiator and technological improvement.



Soil stabilizer, dust control, concrete curer, sand solidifier.

Products with Nanotechnology

Soiltek® ES

Nanotechnological soil stabilizer 

Incorporated into the soil-cement mortar, it modifies geochemical conditions during the hardening process, providing superior mechanical capabilities. The submicronic-sized polymeric support acts simultaneously as a binder and sealant.

  • Better cost-benefit ratio 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Easy application 
  • Suitable for any type of soil

Soiltek® AP

Nanotechnological anti-dust 

Controls and reduces the abrasion effects of water on the soil, preventing mud formation and eliminating the release of surface dust into the atmosphere.

  • Improves road safety 
  • Can be used on existing soil 
  • Easy application by irrigation 
  • Environmentally friendly


Soiltek® CC

Nanotechnological concrete curer 

Offers high resistance to the full range of UV rays, ensuring a transparent surface sealing layer that will not alter the color of the concrete. It helps retain maximum moisture during the setting process.

  • Reduces the risk of cracks due to plastic shrinkage 
  • Increased resistance to abrasion 
  • Reduces surface dust at the end of construction 
  • Produces better load resistance modules and extends the service life

Soiltek® SA

Nanotechnological sand solidifier 

Fixes the surface layer of a sand body in place, keeping the entire body in place and preventing situations such as sandy roadsides collapsing and blocking the road or creating unsafe driving paths.


  • Ensures surface stability of soils against water action 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • This product was specially designed for use in multiple places: dirt or sandy streets; rural or secondary roads; shoulder stabilization, manoeuvring sites; parking lots; runways; trails; slope fixation.



Nanotechnological ecological bricks 

The incorporation of brickTek® technology into mortars used in the production of non-cooked bricks increases the quality of conventional soil-cement bricks, providing a structurally compact and technically superior product.

Non-cooked bricks means that no wood or other source of fuel is burned during production.

BrickTek® means reduced water usage compared to conventional bricks and the possibility of small-scale local production in hard-to-reach areas.

  • 50% reduction in construction time (modular system with interlocking) 
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation 
  • Breakage values 3 times higher than traditional ones



Ecological bricks for construction system.