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Nanotechnology applied to improve the quality of life. We are Industry. We are Innovation.


How do we help you?

Our main objective is to improve your quality of life , through nanotechnology products and services.

We offer industrial antimicrobial products, designed and manufactured in Argentina.

We have the ability to understand the product and tailor it to the customer’s requirement.

Our mission

Nanotechnology is presented as an alternative to add value to existing processes and products, as well as to create new ones, incorporating innovative characteristics.

Our objective is to promote and encourage the development of a industry that incorporates the technological advances offered by Nanotechnology.

Research and development (r+d)

We partner with companies that seek constant innovation and that try to go one step further for their customers.

Our objective is to challenge the ways traditional in the search for improvements that positively impact people’s quality of life.

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Points of sale

You consult all the points of sale where you can get products with Nanotek technology.

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Dardo Rocha 78, B1641DAH, San Isidro

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Email info@nanotek.ws

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