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Nanotek SA’s I&D area is located in the Parque Tecnológico Litoral Centro (PTLC), in Santa Fe. Its mission is to develop products and processes from the laboratory to validation tests on a pilot scale. While mature products are marketed, we face obtaining new nanomaterials on an industrial scale and developing applications for them through strategic alliances with companies from different sectors, which define market opportunities for these innovative products.


The company’s strategy is based on three pillars: think differently, generate knowledge, and take care of the environment.

We think differently by looking at problems from outside the current paradigm, which is the only way to do different things to make them better. We generate knowledge in a synergistic way through permanent interaction between the company and science and technology organizations. We take care of the environment by applying the principles of ecology to avoid the impacts of new materials on the environment.

Supported by this strategy, the core of our business is to use our expertise to design processes and products whose differentiation and added value are based on the application of cutting-edge knowledge about nanoscience. In other words, whether it materializes in artifacts or services, conceptually we can affirm that our product is innovation.


The I&D area has specialists in chemistry and biotechnology and is directed by Engineer Gerardo Daniel López, founding partner of the company, to which he contributed the experience acquired in CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technical Research) and in international coordination of projects within the framework of the Ibero-American Program CYTED (Science and Technology for Development).

Currently he continues active in the academic area as Category I Research Professor at the National Technological University and his scientific-technological production includes the authorship of eight books (published in Argentina; Brazil; Spain; Germany), more than one hundred scientific and technical publications, plus of ninety presentations in National and International Congresses and the ownership of Argentine Patent No. 245,220, record No. 320,752. He has received the WIPO Award (World Intellectual Property Organization) in 2007, in addition to other distinctions, such as the First REPSOL-YPF Award (2000) for Technological Innovation, the Sábato Engineer Award for Technological Development (2009), awarded by the National Technological University, the “Santafesino Distinguido 2012” award, awarded by the newspaper El Litoral. Since 2007 he has been a member of the Nanotechnologies Committee, in the Directorate of Standardization of the Energy and Environment Management of IRAM (Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification).

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