Chinstraps Ion Positivo

Chinstraps with silver nanoparticles that eliminate 99% of Coronavirus, viruses and bacteria. Effectiveness verified by INTA and STAMBOULIAN Laboratory.

Because they have silver nanoparticles that release positive ions, capable of altering the biological processes of microorganisms. The release, which eliminates and prevents the development of viruses and bacteria, occurs both in the outer fabric and in the inner fabric. Therefore, they protect you from contagion but also prevent you from transmitting it to others if you are already infected.

ION POSITIVO chinstraps are self-sanitizing: they can be used for 5 days with intensive use of 8 hours a day. Traditional disposable chinstraps (even those for medicinal use) should be used for a maximum of 4 hours since they combine viral and bacterial load during that period.

The ION POSITIVO chinstraps are the only ones to date that have the barrier that is needed for the silver nanoparticles to act efficiently. Its certified meltblown barrier ensures particle filtering greater than 99%. What does this mean? That you are protected because you are not inhaling Coronavirus or other viruses or bacteria.

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