Comfort and environment

The bioactive nano-filters developed by Nanotek SA, have antimicrobial functions, removing odors and improving people's comfort life.

How it works?

Electric Heating Energy Safe
Radiating plates that produce a dry and healthy heat, looking after your family and the environment. (does not produce gases).

Have an air pump system (does not consume electricity), making the cold air passes through a nano bioactive filter, finally it warm up and is expelled to the environment in a healthy way.

The bioactive nano filter developed by Nanotek S.A., is made of polyester fibers with additives nano colloidal silver, known as Nanargen .

These zero-valent (Ag °) silver nanoparticles will rust for environmental action and liberate silver ions (Ag +), which interfere the feeding and reproduction of viruses and bacteria.

Checked effectiveness against bacteria (Gram + y Gram -).